Realistic Expectations

Despite Pennsylvania's spring-like temperatures and 'April showers' that continue to water our lawns each week (and most days!), the official start of summer begins this week. A walk earlier this week on the Switchback Trail made me think otherwise when I took this picture.  No...not yet!!! Isn't it realistic to expect that the summer blooms [...]

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Birds and Blooms

    For the past week, spring has shown signs of turning into summer.  I can see it through the geese and goslings in my yard.  These little ones are losing their yellow tint and beginning to get longer necks, a tell-tale sign of growth. This bloom blossomed on the east side of Jim Thorpe, displaying its full [...]

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Memorial Day Parade on the Canal

     Yesterday's Memorial Day festivities began early-morning on the canal.  This gaggle of adult geese meandered its way up the canal, offering their own holiday parade. The only 'music' you could hear was the splashing of the water as it passed through the lock and an occasional comment from one of the geese. Over [...]

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Are You Listening to the Universe?

Well, I've returned from a six-month hiatus from my blog.  The stresses of remodeling a home for nearly three years took over so the blog got put on the back burner. But now that I'm FINALLY moved into my 'new' home, the major stresses have receded.  My desire to be creative has re-ignited. I figured [...]

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Then and Now

     It's amazing the difference a year makes. A year ago you can see the shell of an aging home as the renovations began.  Today, the project continues to move forward, much closer to its final state. It's easy to see the closing of the two garage doors and front man door as well [...]

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Sharing Your Knowledge

     Wow...I really am knowledgeable!!  :) I shared my knowledge on QuickBooks (QB), an accounting software, yesterday in the first of a three-part series.  I volunteered to share my expertise to help other small business owners and/or employees better understand this useful and versatile financial tool. While I know QB and accounting very well, [...]

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