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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.

Dealing With the Crap

     April in Pennsylvania proves to be tumultuous.  Spring's been here for two weeks but winter holds on tight. This year (2017-18) winter has provided many opportunities for pictures of gorgeous snow scenes.  But as the calendar moves forward, I feel April showers should be rain, not snow.  This day, there was snow in [...]

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The Day After…

It's the day after a mid-February snowstorm. Yesterday's grey skies, freezing temperatures and heavy snow has transformed into a gorgeous Sunday morning. The sun shines...the winds have calmed.  The snow that landed on the bark and limbs of the trees remain in this picture, but only until the sun warmed the temperatures enough so the [...]

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Be neighborly

     After nearly a month of no activity at my new bird feeders, I finally saw some.  It's not exactly what I anticipated but I guess even the squirrels need to eat on a cold, snowy winter's day. This little guy (or gal) has been setting off my alarm on the steps all summer, [...]

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Goodbye, 2017!

Another year - 2017 - will hit the history books in hours.   I asked myself:  What was my biggest eye-opening experience this year, one that made a significant change in my life and/or those of others? For me, that eye opener was what is now a five-month bout with dizziness, neck and shoulder pain.  They [...]

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Do you see the blessings?

     Looking at this picture, you probably think, 'Who still does dishes this way?' or 'What???' Over the years, I've learned like one man's art is another's pornography, one's perception of drudgery is another's blessings. You may see another day of doing dishes...the never-ending progression of glasses, silverware and pans that begin to build [...]

Do you see the blessings? 2017-12-18T14:53:55+00:00