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What would you do with your winnings?

I bought tickets with some friends for two lottery drawings this week paying out over $500 million each to winners. Imagine winning that much money! Now the big question:  What would you do if your share was $25- or $50-million? If I could, I would buy [...]

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Happy New Day!

Today many people start with high hopes, resolutions and goals.  We look forward to a future we want to create - with less weight, more patience, more exercise, less procrastination.  We believe the list of fewer "bad" and more "good" sets the foundation for future improvement. [...]

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Where do you find peace?

I find peace in watching nature, reading a good book or taking an early-morning bike ride. The truth is we tap into our peace when we do what we enjoy. Like orange juice comes from an orange because that's what's inside, peace also comes from within.  [...]

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