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What does it mean to live simply?

What does it mean to 'live simply'?  Strange enough, I think we know what it DOESN'T mean more than we do what it does mean. For me, it doesn't mean going shopping for things I don't really need.  It doesn't mean creating or buying into self- [...]

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Nature’s Power

Don't  you just love the colors and smells of summer  flowers? This  rose  bush, bought for $6 at Giant last  year, took hold, survived the winter and expanded to nearly three times its original size.   PLEASE NOTE:  I'm not a doctor or medical person AT [...]

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Early-Morning Connection

The other day as I rode my bike up the canal, a gaggle of noisy geese flew downstream barely above the surface of the water. Instinct told me something spooked them.  As I slowed to get my camera ready, this beautiful bald eagle soared from a [...]

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