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Focus on Spring

     Mid-February in PA gets to be a time of transition.  Snow, sleet and ice still cover the ground but intermittent bouts of higher temps and seeing the ground below provide the hope for spring to come. This weekend's Daytona 500 marks the start of the racing season, a true sign of the change of seasons. In another month...after [...]

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This, too, shall pass.

This morning's temperature in my back yard is 24...quite balmy compared to the sub-zero temps we've had over the past week.  Thursday morning started out at 9 below zero, not including the warnings created by the wind chills estimated at 30 below. Walking out this morning, the hairs in my nose do not freeze.  The tips of my ears don't [...]

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Do You Have a Morning Ritual?

Little Miss Abby and I have a few morning rituals to get our day started. First, Abby likes an energy (Reiki) massage.  She'll talk to me, following me around  while I'm making my green tea until I sit on the love seat and motion for her join me.  Then she positions herself so her butt is near my left hip [...]

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What We See

What do you see here? I see an aging cat who still loves playing.  Every Christmas this little one decides she likes the bags more than the contents. What I also see is a feline who has gotten herself stuck...stuck in the handles of the bag.  She's just put herself in the wrong opening. We do that, too.  At times [...]

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The Fire Within

Today's outing on the canal left me wanting more. Yes, it was windy and 45 degrees but for a January day in Pennsylvania, THAT is great! Too much work and not enough daylight made me a self-created prisoner in my own home over the past few days.  Today I appreciate the wind because it helped to blow off some of [...]

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Always we hope…

     Happy New Year 2019! Many people use January 1 as a time to make resolutions and I'm no exception. This year I had no idea what that would be until this morning when I sat in my recliner to do my normal reading and writing. It came to me that I just needed to 'be'... be who I [...]

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