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Walking in Another’s Shoes

     You always know when you need another pair of shoes.  Less than a year old, these sneakers have seen better days.  They've put on a lot of miles, done a lot of outdoor work and earned their keep many times over. Stitching at the toes and bending points threaten to break but I procrastinated buying a new pair [...]

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The Spice of Variety

     Summertime brings color into our the form of green grass, yellow and red birds and multi-colored blossoms. This is one of four different colored gladiolus blossoms that bloomed over the past few weeks from bulbs I planted earlier this year.  I LOVE seeing all the beauty nature has to offer. Although it's barely mid-August, one of the [...]

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Fruits of Our Gardens

I planted some wildflower seeds earlier this year, seeds that were supposed to attract hummingbirds and songbirds. Since I had just put a couple inches of soil down on top of old soil, I wasn't sure what was going to come up.  I tilled, raked and scattered seed, hoping for the best. After a few weeks, I hesitated pulling out what [...]

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Taking the Leap

I heard a commotion through my open window one early afternoon.  It wasn't the normal noises ducks and ducklings make, but more of an urgent quacking.  I heard that once before when a mama duck squawked boisterously when a red fox threatened her young ones from the side of the canal. This day when I looked out, there were five [...]

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10-Minute Changes

Miss Abby takes a break after 10 minutes of playing with her toys. Abby taught me a valuable lesson about using your time for the things that are important to you. As I washed my dishes, I realized it only takes about 10 minutes to do them.  Other projects throughout the day -- sweeping the floor, sorting and beginning a [...]

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