What Do You Pray For?

by Kathy Ruff   Abby looks so comfortable as she rests under the quilt on our bed, loosely connected to "Tom Cat."  I think she likes Tom Cat's energy because it's a stuffed animal I use to send Reiki to people. Abby was not so fortunate in her earlier years, found as a stray in [...]

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What’s in Your Garden?

by Kathy Ruff Have you ever fallen in love with something the first time you saw it...and just had to have it? That's how it was with this Fairy Garden...yes, it's called a Fairy Garden.  It was a raffle item at a fundraiser to help my niece Tonia to cover medical expenses for her late [...]

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Spending Time with Friends?

by Kathy Ruff Yesterday was a foggy, misty morning in my back yard, but I decided to go for a walk anyway.  I felt compelled to start at Boat Launch A, a calling I'm glad I didn't ignore. On my way toward the trail from the parking lot, I said hello to two fishermen unloading [...]

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What’s the Meaning of Symbols?

by Kathy Ruff This tulip was from my yard in early May. To me, it symbolizes spring since that's the only time it blooms.  It symbolizes beauty, one of many beautiful gifts around us every day. Today's headline on the news includes a call to stop flying the Confederate Flag in South Carolina.  The flag [...]

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Is Peace In Your Awareness?

Is Peace In Your Awareness?  by Kathy Ruff  "How do you feel?  Is peace in your awareness?  Are you certain which way to go?"  A Course in Miracles, Chapter 23, II.22:8-10      After much soul-searching, anguish and worry, I can now say peace is in my awareness.  My decision to follow the guidance I [...]

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