The Day After…

It's the day after a mid-February snowstorm. Yesterday's grey skies, freezing temperatures and heavy snow has transformed into a gorgeous Sunday morning. The sun shines...the winds have calmed.  The snow that landed on the bark and limbs of the trees remain in this picture, but only until the sun warmed the temperatures enough so the [...]

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Birds and Blooms

    For the past week, spring has shown signs of turning into summer.  I can see it through the geese and goslings in my yard.  These little ones are losing their yellow tint and beginning to get longer necks, a tell-tale sign of growth. This bloom blossomed on the east side of Jim Thorpe, displaying its full [...]

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Morning Friends

Sunday morning, I skipped church in favor of a 6 a.m. kayak launch at Boat Launch A at the Mauch Chunk Lake. My niece Tonia and her friend Sally also decided to enjoy nature's morning offerings, as did some early-morning fishermen and women and kayakers. For a change, we decided to start out going down to the breast of the [...]

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by Kathy Ruff   Sometimes the world becomes an overwhelming place. Time runs from one day into never ends...sleep becomes restless...focus wanes. When I seem to only hear, "Blah...blah...blah...", meaningless conversations seem to add to the predicament. I wonder what the world would be like if we could hear no voices for 24 hours. [...]

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