by Kathy Ruff   Sometimes the world becomes an overwhelming place. Time runs from one day into another...work never ends...sleep becomes restless...focus wanes. When I seem to only hear, "Blah...blah...blah...", meaningless conversations seem to add to the predicament. I wonder what the world would be like if we could hear no voices for 24 hours. [...]

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Sharing Peace on the Path

Sharing Peace on the Path with Kathy Ruff Today's my first post through a new system...no picture because I can't figure out how to make it small enough to upload. That'll be one of my first lessons. I created a new web site called "Sharing Peace on the Path". Check it out...suggestions and comments are [...]

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The Search for Light

     I have this fascination with rays of sunlight streaming through cloud, fog or trees.  Somehow to me it reflects hope and belief.      Despite the ominous-looking clouds, there's something beyond the darkness that will push its way through to light the way.      This past Sunday those beams of light came [...]

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Enjoy the Ride

     March begins as February ends.      But you know what I LOVE about snow at this time of year?      You KNOW it's not going to last too long.  As the daylight grows, the temperatures rise -- even if it is just up to freezing this year.      Can you [...]

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Looking for Warmth

     Little Miss Abby's looking for warmth this morning and putting herself as close to it as she can.  The routine cuddling of the morning's over and her access to body heat is gone.      I don't blame her.  I don't know what it is outside because my outside  digital thermometer isn't registering. [...]

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Good or bad?

     This morning there's a fresh coating of snow outside, a blanket of white that covers the salt, dirt and cinders left over after the last snowfall (or in our case, ice!).        For a little while everything appears new, clean, fresh.        But what I will call dirt remains [...]

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