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sharing peace on the path

Creative Inspiration for Finding Peace in Everyday Life.

Are you looking for ‘something more’ from life? Feeling restless or unfulfilled? You’re not alone.

We all have a purpose in life, and a mission to accomplish in this lifetime. Some of us discover our life purpose at a relatively young age while some of us spend a good part of our lives searching for our answers until that a-ha moment when everything clicks.

Our journey to discovery is very personal, and it is truly ours. Five years ago, you may have never thought that you would be asking deep questions about your existence and purpose. When it is the right time, enlightenment seems to find you. You may meet a significant person in your life, are led to a book or movie that has a message for you or experience a joyous, challenging or painful life-changing event.

For me, it was a painful event that was a major turning point in my life. This is when I began my own journey of discovery, asking: Why am I here? What is my purpose? How can I make a difference?

Yes, our journey to enlightenment is a personal experience, but it does not mean that we have to walk alone. Years of discernment, wrong turns and soul-searching have led to this blog. Sharing Peace on the Path brings to light my understanding of my life purpose and how I can make a difference, an understanding continually unfolding. Today, I know the power and peace living in the present moment brings. On this site, I will walk beside you and share my awareness of how I try to live a peaceful life in the hope you, too, will find, enjoy and share your peace.

Please join me on the road to your own discovery…


Meet Inspirational Writer, Kathy Ruff

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