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10-Minute Changes

Miss Abby takes a break after 10 minutes of playing with her toys. Abby taught me a valuable lesson about using your time for the things that are important to you. As I washed my dishes, I realized it only takes about 10 minutes to do them.  Other projects throughout the day -- sweeping the floor, sorting and beginning a [...]

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Dealing With the Crap

     April in Pennsylvania proves to be tumultuous.  Spring's been here for two weeks but winter holds on tight. This year (2017-18) winter has provided many opportunities for pictures of gorgeous snow scenes.  But as the calendar moves forward, I feel April showers should be rain, not snow.  This day, there was snow in the morning, rain afterward. If [...]

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The Day After…

It's the day after a mid-February snowstorm. Yesterday's grey skies, freezing temperatures and heavy snow has transformed into a gorgeous Sunday morning. The sun shines...the winds have calmed.  The snow that landed on the bark and limbs of the trees remain in this picture, but only until the sun warmed the temperatures enough so the snow let go. There's just [...]

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Be neighborly

     After nearly a month of no activity at my new bird feeders, I finally saw some.  It's not exactly what I anticipated but I guess even the squirrels need to eat on a cold, snowy winter's day. This little guy (or gal) has been setting off my alarm on the steps all summer, coming up onto the deck.  [...]

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Are you happy?

"You cannot be happy unless you do what you will truly..." A Course in Miracles  I've been feeling the mid-winter blues lately.  So, despite the below zero wind chills at the lake, I ventured out of my car on my way to an appointment to capture a few shots of the sunrise at the lake.  I already was behind what I [...]

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Uplifting Remnants

      A 60-degree day followed by torrential rain as a front dropped the temperature nearly 50 degrees in less than 24 hours left interesting ice sculptures in this year's January thaw. During a walk along the D&L Canal a few days later, these ice 'tree skirts' remain as remnants of the drastic temperature and weather changes typical in January's [...]

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