I feel good…do you?

ReunionAlthough the canal is closed, I’m fortunate to have it in my back yard.

Yesterday this mama duck and her nine ducklings visited my back yard.   But when they were looking for food at the bottom of the bird feeder, two of the ducklings ended up on the canal side of the fence.  One came back into the fold, but the other was visibly upset at the separation and shortly thereafter jumped into the canal at the far end of the property in his panic.

Mama and the other eight decided to go around the front of the house, so I followed them and encouraged them to cross the yard and go down the embankment at the far side of the yard toward where the lone duckling jumped.

Once the mama and little ones entered the water, the lone duckling excitedly swam to its family for a heart-felt reunion.  Happily back together

I felt soooooooooo good as I felt the relief  and joy when the family came together.  Those feelings were palpable.

Today as I recall this event, those feelings re-surface.  These are the moments that allow me to choose to feel good.

What makes you feel good?  For me, it’s enjoying the nature around me and sharing that with you.  Doesn’t cost anything except my time…a very worthwhile investment!  How about you?

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Seeing is believing?

The gorgeous near-full moon (or is it full?) illuminated the early-morning sky as well as the D&L trail outside my window.

This picture captured red-dot reflections close to the moon’s aura and even further away in spots that appear to be in a line.  Do you see them?

Are the dots really there?  Are they just  reflections?  Was it just an illusion created by atmospheric  conditions or a photographic anomaly?  Was it a UFO?

What do you believe?  Seeing may cause many to believe what others believe they see or something entirely different.

An old adage, “Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see” jumps to  mind.  

Watching TV documentaries about UFOs, illusions and photographic manipulations has made that adage all so true.  Life experience has taught me the same experience can yield entirely different perceptions from each who ‘see’ it.

What we choose to believe stems from our own perceptions, no matter what the truth is.  We’ve all been given the gift of free will.  My hope is that we would each respect everyone else’s belief as we would hope they would respect ours.

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Who Says You Can’t Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?

I guess the ‘tricks’ aren’t really new…just not used as much as they should be.  Let me explain.

My two-week-long adventure with “Blue”, a great blue heron hanging around my back yard for months, has resolved itself.  His toe was bitten off, presumably by a snapping turtle and his injury was a concern for me.

Yesterday, my husband Tom said he saw Blue on the other side of the canal dive down into the water, catch a fish and bring it to my side of the canal.  I now KNOW he’s okay.  I was worried needlessly.  Like what happened to Mr. Duck a few years ago, nature took its course and Blue’s leg has begun to heal.

I can’t imagine that wild birds and animals think too much about what ails them.  They see no TV commercials to tell them what nutrition is best for them or what treatment or drug will help them (or kill them in the process!).  They focus only on the present moment and what’s important – food for sustenance and shelter for protection.

After trying to catch Blue one more time on Labor Day, I believe Blue moved downstream to get away from the well-meaning people trying to help him and find a way to adapt to his new limitation.

What did I learn from all this?

  1.  We sometimes may need to get away from the usual and give ourselves a new environment to take time to heal.
  2. We need to live in the moment…that’s all we really have.
  3. We need to accept what is.  We may not like the way it is but accepting it allows us to return our focus to what is really important and let go of what’s not.
  4. Worrying does nothing except drain our energies and cloud our thoughts.
  5. Response is so much better than knee-jerk reaction.  Doing what may be needed when necessary — and knowing when you can’t — allows us peace of mind, flexibility and power.
  6. We may need to adapt our ways from how we’ve previously thought or acted.
  7. We need to trust OUR instincts, the inner voice that guides us on the ever-changing path we’re meant to follow.

Can I stop worrying?  Can I transition from reacting to responding?  Can I put aside what was and accept what is?  Can I adapt to what is, even if I don’t like it?  Can I trust my inner voice?  Can I be who I truly am and let go of being who others think I am or should be?  Can I do what I feel called to do instead of what others expect or want me to do?

Like you, I have a choice.  I’m going to try to incorporate what I ‘learned’ into each day moving forward.   Bottom line is if I feel good, I’m probably following this knowledge.  How about you?  You know, you really can teach an old dog new ‘tricks.’

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Lessons from “Blue”

"Blue" heronTrying to catch an injured great “Blue” heron for the past eight days has been unsuccessful.

Blue appears thinner and I have yet to see him able to eat as he did before.

I appreciate efforts by Wildlife in Need (WIN) as well as the Carbon County Environmental Education Center and Pocono Wildlife Rehabilitation and Education Center in their volunteers’ attempts to help this injured beauty.

Connie, from WIN, tried again unsuccessfully a little while ago, but her expertise and knowledge helped me immensely.  She told me he lost one of his talons, probably because of a snapping turtle.  She also told me the swelling has lessened compared to earlier pictures I sent and it seems to be healing although the leg is still injured.  However, she knows that over time birds adapt and survive with a handicap.

I’ll continue to keep an eye out to see if he can eat and if he weakens any more and will call for more help if that occurs.

This week-plus episode with “Blue” taught me a lesson:  Life will throw us a curve ball now and then but we need to and can adapt.  We also need to accept help, if we can, and continue to live life as best we can.  What we do and how we do it may change.  This is a GREAT lesson for myself and others who are aging and less able to do what we could 20 years ago.

“Blue” also showed me life goes on…we have to accept what is and adapt as best we can.

Nature demonstrates a great ability to accept, adapt and live in the moment.  I value and hope to emulate those attributes.

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How do you feel freedom?

Mama & DucklingsWhen I was younger, I naturally carried a sense of freedom with me.  I was relatively carefree, allowing the beauty of the moment to infuse my being.

Like Mama Duck’s offspring, I felt taken care of, protected and almost invincible.  But as the years of recommendations and beliefs of mostly well-meaning people, religious organizations and society, I replaced that feeling of freedom with caution, doubt and desire to ‘fit in’ to those norms.  I squelched my own feelings.  I buried them so I would not upset others.

Today I recognize how important that feeling of freedom is…the freedom of thought, of creativity, of enjoyment.  Today I am beginning to feel enjoyment.  I’ve let go of the fears of being misunderstood and accepted by everyone and everything.  I’m allowing myself to be who I am instead of who others think I am or expect me to be.  To me, that’s the best way to feel freedom.

How do you feel freedom?

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Breakfast with Blue

Breakfast with Blue

This blue heron (I’ve named him or her “Blue”) has been visiting regularly in the canal behind my home for the past two weeks.

A low water level has made it ideal for Blue to find breakfast in the slow-moving flow.  I’ve seen him finding a decent-sized fish, taking it to the shoreline and eating it at least twice.  The camera and my wobbling arms make the video dizzying.

I’m so fortunate to live where I do, to be aware of my surroundings and to sometimes capture and share the beauty.  Maybe I’ll be able to capture breakfast with Blue in full and share it with you in the future.



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Book Cover – Embracing Expressions of Love


2022-02-21 Cover – Embracing 2022-02-21 Cover – Embracing Expressions of Loveof Love

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Thought for the Week: Follow Your Light

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You can’t share what you don’t have

Happy New Year – 2022!

As a New Year unfolds, I realize (again) an inner desire to share.

I also realize if I want to share love, joy, peace, happiness and contentedness, I have to have and BE all of those things.  It’s really so simple, so natural.

Are you like me, looking for love, joy, happiness and peace by trying to alleviate the hate, frustration, sadness — trying to control the uncontrollable instead of accept what is? Do you feel called to help change the world but didn’t know how?

I mistakenly thought alone had to make the statement, lift the load, control who, what, when where, why and how.

After a lifetime of trying, seeking answers, trying to clarify and put the Truth in a neat little package, I recognize that Truth is an ongoing reality that needs no control by me.  I only need to be willing to accept what is.  I don’t have to agree with or like what is, but simply accept it.  Resistance just puts the focus on what I’m resisting instead of what I desire – love, joy, peace, happiness, contentedness.  If I put my thoughts and energies on resisting what I don’t want, like or agree with, I exchange what I want for that which I don’t.

When I focus on what I really want, I create a loving, joyful, peaceful and happy world for myself, one I share effortlessly and continuously.  You can’t share what you don’t have.

What do I want to share love or hate?  Acceptance or denial?  Happiness or sadness?  Peace or resistance?  Knowledge or perception?  Compassion or indifference?  Truth or opinion?

What do you have you want to share?  What do you share?

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Happiness in NEPA

Anyone who lives in Northeastern Pennsylvania knows seeing rose blossoms from the garden in November is pure happiness!!!


There will be no more this year because our first major frost came last night, 30 degrees outside….burrrrrr.


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