Enjoying Morning Quiet Time

by Kathy Ruff

With the unseasonably warm morning temps (60 degrees) this morning, my open windows reveal the sounds of birds singing their morning accolades and the smell of fresh, cool air as it slowly circulates into my room.  It always amazes me how birds begin to sing before the sun rises, subtly aware of what is coming.

Why do birds sing in the morning?  I’m no scientist or professional naturalist but I like to thinks birds sing so eloquently each morning as gratitude for a new start, a time to get in sync with the energy that surrounds them, an energy that guides them into the path they’re meant to follow today. 

For me, my morning quiet time is the same.  I take a few minutes to an hour each day to align myself with the energy of nature and God that surrounds me. My morning quiet time infuses me with a sense of peace, warmth, love and purpose that I know will travel with me as I venture onto the path I’m meant to follow that day.  I may not provide the beautiful sounds songbirds do — and if you ever heard my voice, you’d agree — but I tap into an energy that recharges my spirit and mind.  I am happy to be aware of the guidance the Spirit that lives within me provides and thankful for the gift of a new day.

I value these morning quiet times when nature plays its gentle chords and meditation offers a soothing calm and serenity I carry with me into the new day.  For me, this is an integral part of living a spiritual life:  starting each day eagerly accepting the gifts I have and sharing them with those who cross my path, no matter where that path may lead. 

What do you do to begin your day refreshed and inspired?

About Kathy Ruff

Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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