by Kathy Ruff

You never know what affect a chance encounter with a stranger can have on you and others.

Yesterday I was at an officer’s workshop for TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) in Danville, PA. Nearly 70 people attended the event and I actually met a few people who knew my sister.

As I’m walking out the door after the workshop to go to my car, a lady grabs my arm and says, “Oh, you’re the one I wanted to talk to.” I couldn’t imagine why since I’m a newbie when it comes to TOPS, but I stopped and listened.

To my surprise, the lady comment about how pleasant the smile on my face was all day long. I’m not sure if I said thank you, but I did tell her I’ve heard that many times in the past. On many occasions people ask me what I’m smiling about and I don’t even realize I’m smiling.

This morning when I’m writing about this I realize maybe I could make a difference if I had a comeback for this encounter. I gave it some thought and the next time someone says that to me I’m going to say, “I smile because I feel God’s love.” That’s the only reason I can imagine that I’m smiling and happy during the moments of my life. That response could easily make a difference in someone’s life.

It’s serendipitous how people can meet unexpectedly and unknowingly help someone else by a chance comment, no matter how subtle it seems at the time. If we’re open to the energies around us, we can allow ourselves to be a channel for good and pass it on to others.

I may not know it, but I’m going to keep smiling. How about you?

About Kathy Ruff

Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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