Living the Dream

This past weekend I was “Living the Dream,” which just happened to be our theme for the 3-day getaway.

Before I left for Tioga, PA, I thought a little about how superficially we tend to greet people. I talked with Tom, my hubbie, about what he would do if someone responded to the cordial greeting, ‘How are you doing,” with something different such as ‘I’m joyfully living in the moment’ or ‘I’m so blessed.’

To my surprise, he shared a story where he encountered a produce manager in a local grocery store who answered, “Living the dream.” It took him by surprise, struck up a positive conversation and stuck in his head. So I shared that story with Kim (long-time friend from Dauphin, PA) and Suzi & Jerry (sister and brother-in-law), so we adopted that mindset for the weekend. We actually shared quite a few laughs over it.

I’m going to try hard to remember a different response the next time I’m asked ‘How are you doing?’ I’ve tried it a few times without success at remembering…I’m so conditioned to saying ‘Okay’ or ‘I’m fine.’ What response could you give that would make people stop and really strike up a conversation, if only for a minute?

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