…Another Day Dawns

Today’s the start of a new year, new month, new week and new day. Perhaps the most important is the start of a new day. We get one 366 times this year (yes, it’s leap year!), so we can begin anew every day.

Although this is the first time in many, many years I’ve made resolutions, I just wanted to share a post by Dr. Wayne Dyer:

“Forget about those New Year’s resolutions in which you decide on the
first day of January how you will be conducting your life for the next
twelve months. Instead, set up day-to-day goals for yourself, and then
resolve to begin living with present moment awareness for the rest of your
life. When you get good at living your present moments one day at a time,
you’ll see yourself changing right before your own surprised eyes. Remember,
anyone can do anything for just one day, so tune out the sentences that keep you
locked into your old self-defeating ways and begin to enjoy each day of your
bright new year.

What are some things you’ve wanted to do for yourself, one day at a

Today, I’ll be hitting the trail for my first walk of the year, month, week & day, what I plan to be the first of many.

What will you do for yourself?

Happy New Year!

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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