Dying To Be Me…

I just read a great book, Dying To Be Me, by Anita Moorjani.  The book is about a woman who went into a coma after suffering from cancer (Hodgkin’s Lymphoma)  for four years.  One day on death’s doorstep, she and miraculously came back from a near-death experience healed.  She tells her story of what she learned during her near-death experience about being and how that has changed her life today.  Modern science cannot explain her healing, but she can.  

Living in the moment is one way Anita has changed her life, one she advocates whole-heartedly.  Being aware that you are one with what she calls the “Universal” energy lies at the core of her transformation and healing. 

Anita’s story resonated with me.  I recall as a youngster asking, “If this is my arm, this is my leg and this is my ear, who am I?”  Deep question for someone under age 10, but that question continued to beg for an answer my entire life.  I guess I’ve always known our true essence is a piece of this ‘energy,’ and we all are interconnected by that life force. 

I understand a little about energy, too.  I remember a game, for lack of a better word, after my grandfather’s funeral in 1969.  Four people standing around a fifth person, who was sitting on the chair, picked up the one sitting with two fingers each after trying, failing, and then connecting their energies with hands over the person’s head.  Years later, I was initiated into Reiki and understand fully the concept of allowing energy to flow through you. 

I highly recommend you read Anita’s book…I’d love to know your thoughts. 

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