Perceptions of Time


     This past month I celebrated 30 years in business with family and friends…who’d have thought?  I just happened to celebrate on my birthday, so my sister thought she’d get me a candle and flowers to mark the occasion.  See my age????  Okay, okay…I know!!!  Did I really start my business when I was 5?  Believe that one and I’ll tell you another!! 🙂

     Isn’t it something how time marches forward and suddenly ten years…or 20…or 30 have passed?  Yet we still have the same 60 seconds in every minute and 365 days in a year as we did 30 years ago.  Why does it seem so different now? 

     Perceptions change and vary.  I always use the example of a rainstorm.  How do you view it?  It depends.  If I’m camping, I’m not a happy camper.  If I’m a farmer caught up in this year’s drought, I’m ecstatic.  The rain is the same thing happening, but the interpretation is quite different depending on your perceptions and thoughts. 

     The perception of time are the same.  Does time drag on when you’re working, waiting anxiously for the clock to strike 5 so you can go to a much-anticipated date with your friend or significant other?  Yet, when you enjoy a weekend away with a friend, time flies much too fast. 

     While perceptions of time may change, the truth doesn’t.  We still have 60 seconds in a minute and 365 days in a year.  Enjoy each one! 

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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