Live Your Passion

                   The picture of the 1932 (?) Ford to the left and that of a wooden carved frog on a toad stool below may look completely different to you but believe it or not they have a few things in common. 

                  The Ford is a passion for former drag car race driver and top fuel funny car world champion Bruce Larson.  According to Bruce, this was his car when he was in high school.  He sold it many years ago but somehow got the original back, bringing back many memories from his lifelong love of cars. 

                   The wooden carving below reflects a passion of my longtime friend Kim.  Her passion for frogs has not dimmed even though she lost all her collection a few years ago when her house burned down.  Now on the front lawn of her new home, a monument to her passion stops passersby. 

                    The two pictures also have another commonality — they’re both located across the street from each other in Dauphin. 

                    Both Kim and Bruce share a common characteristic that many other people do not:  They enjoy their passions.  Kim begins to collect more of her frogs as she creates a new home and Bruce drives his vehicles on a nearly daily basis. 

                    What are you passionate about?  The outdoors?  Frogs?  Cars?  Photography?  Clothing?  Gardening?  Biking?  Calculators?  Okay, I threw that one in to see if you were really paying attention.  🙂  Do you really know what brings a smile to your face?

                     Why not make a list of 20 things you’re passionate about or enjoy doing but haven’t done recently or ever?  It could be going dancing or to a museum, or baking a cake.  Be creative.  If you can’t think of 20, try 10 or 15.

                     Now why not make the time to do something on that list?  Keep going until you’ve checked everything off.  Take a chance — live your passion!   

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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