How important is it?

I saw different…

     I’m not a professional photographer — as evidenced by my gorgeous sunrise to the left.  🙂
     Even though I saw a pink sun that morning, the camera didn’t. 
     Isn’t that something that’s true in life?  We see things one way and others may see it another. 
     I remember some training I took many years ago.  The example given was that it was raining.  A farmer praying for rain after a hot, dry summer saw the rain from a completely different perspective than a camper on his first day of a long-awaited vacation.  Yet for both, it was raining. 
     Over the years, I’ve learned people may not see things as I do.  Sometimes it’s very evident; sometimes it’s not.  When it’s not clear, that difference may cause dissension, frustration and alienation.  If I think about that concept extending out in the world, it could easily cause divorce or wars. 
      Next time someone disagrees with you remember they just aren’t seeing things as you are.  It doesn’t make it right or wrong…it still IS.  How important is it that we see alike?  How important will it be in a year?  Five years?  A decade?  Yes, some things are important.  But if you can look ahead and that will not be that important a year later, how important is it really now?
     Take another picture and maybe you’ll catch the pink sun. 

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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  1. Every person needs to make their own vision known and try to understand the vision of others. Agreement is not necessary.

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