Which Way Should I Go?

Switchback Railroad bed 

     Which way should I go?

     Like many of life’s decisions, it depends.  If I’m alone on the return trip from Summit Hill to the Flagstaff Road in Jim Thorpe, I’ll take the right trail. 

     If I’m with someone else, we may choose the left-hand trail for more of an adventure and workout.  That trail narrows into a small pathway, bypassing a rock ledge to one of the area’s most gorgeous views of the mountains in and around Jim Thorpe.

     Which way I go depends on who I’m with, how far I’ve come, how tired I am and how much time I have. 

     Although I may not see them or consider them viable, there are other options.  I could procrastinate on making a decision and sit on the bench for a while.  (After all, my husband says they have my picture in the dictionary by the word procrastination!)  Or, I could turn back and return to Summit Hill. 

     Sometimes the options are obvious; sometimes they’re not.  Sometimes procrastination may be necessary to brainstorm and weigh all the possibilities.  But eventually we have to make a decision or we’ll be left alone with all the little critters in the woods. 

     The best answer on my bike ride is to go forward, either to more adventure and a beautiful view if I’m up to it or to complete the day’s outing and get on with my day. 

     I can envision the end result of both choices.  Is it really that simple when it comes to other choices?  Can I simply envision the end result and go for it?  Yes, I think it may be.  Just do it…make a decision and move forward on the path I’ve chosen.  But maybe I’ll do that tomorrow.  🙂


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