Imagine the Joy….

Toys bring joy!     Three Dog Night’s song Joy to the World came to my mind this morning. 
     I thought about what joy means and what brings joy into my life.  Another nugget fell into my brain – Just Open Yourself (JOY). 
     When I Just Open Your(my)self up verbally, no holes barred, sharing my thoughts and opinions without worrying about what others will think, I feel great.  Sometimes I’ve popped the lid on the bottled feelings, words, worries, doubts and fears I’ve stuffed inside, waiting until a better time to express myself.  What a release when I vent, either in either exercise or onto the page, or both! 
     Just Opening Yourself can mean more than simple venting or being honest.  It can also describe a way to respond to the people and places around you.  I JOY when I’m on the trail, relishing the sounds of chirping birds, the sights such as squirrels scurrying to gather food and the aroma of decaying leaves and fresh, crisp air. 
     For Mia (Annie’s cat above), JOY comes from putting aside the new toy and playing instead with the bag, what others may consider junk. 
     JOY comes in unique ways in a variety of shapes, forms and situations. 
     For me, JOY doesn’t involve being crazy in stores on Black Friday. JOY doesn’t mean wanting more stuff or getting the best deal.  For me, it’s more simple.  Last night I watched a 20-minute segment of Jeff Dunham’s ventriloquist act and immensely enjoyed laughing out loud while my husband looked at me as if I were nuts.   
     JOY may not last long enough, but I hope to include a little in each and every day moving forward.  Imagine a world where we enjoy the simple, natural and free things, appreciating what we have, what we look like and where we are right now.  Imagine a world of people feeling that same way! 
     “Joy to the world, all the boys and girls.  Joy to the fishes in the deep blue see, joy to you and me.”
(Three Dog Night, Joy to the World)
     What brings joy to you?

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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  1. I get joy from giving what I am, what I have, and what I think. Like you, I enjoy sharing my thoughts and opinions in writing. I just open myself to nature and ideas, get inspired, organize my thoughts, and then express them. I also get joy when others respond.

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