What tracks do you leave?

     I just love a fresh coat of snow.  It brightens up a street left dirty by salt and cinders remaining from the many other snowfalls of the season.  Yet it only stays that way for a short time before the next round of plows and dirt begin. 
     Tracks in the early-morning snow showed what is probably feral cat meandering around to find the best place to ride out the impending storm.  Other than these tracks, you might never know the cat was around.
     It makes me think about the cat’s homeless life, its fight for shelter, food…survival.  Where does it live?  Where has it gone?  Where will it be tomorrow?  Without the tracks in the snow, I wouldn’t have considered the plight of the feral cat. 
     These tracks also make me think about the tracks in life I’m leaving behind.  What are they?  Will they be seen by others?  Will they disappear with the passage of time and conditions? Deep questions for an early Saturday morning! 
     I’m not sure I even know what if any tracks I’m leaving.  I figure God takes care of that like He does the feral cat.  Maybe I say the right thing to someone else.  Maybe I do or say the right thing at the right time or the wrong thing at the wrong time and it creates a ripple effect in the world. 
     What tracks do you leave?

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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  1. You are leaving your blog behind for everyone to read. I am, too. Of course, some of what we do and say will be remembered, but the written word is a good reflection of our activities, values, and opinions.

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