Are You A Weekend Warrior?

      This is Tom’s “Weekend Warrior” project, a ’53 GMC he built from scratch.  He and his son-in-law, Chris, were replacing the engine this past weekend.  Boys and their toys! 

     For Tom and Chris, this type of project is one that isn’t work at all.  For them, it’s a passion, a passion that has them both planning, anticipating, even drooling to get their hands dirty to create their masterpiece. 

     One of my friend’s version of being a “Weekend Warrior” is cleaning the house.  I guess she makes war on dust bunnies. 


     This picture to the right is one I took a few years ago in Gettysburg on a long weekend trip as part of an annual meeting of the Pennsylvania Women’s Press Association.  For me to get beyond a 25-mile radius of my home is a real excursion. 

     Those who walked in a line from the tree line and across the field were not only weekend warriors…these were people who were true warriors for freedom in U.S. history.  It’s scary to think of putting yourself in harm’s way, so open to the enemy.  But their passions drove them to do what they had to do, so like those today who stand on the front lines of combat in Afghanistan, Lebanon and across the world.  The weekends in those area don’t really exist as an option like it does for many of us today.  It’s for that dedication, sacrifice and passion I thank them all that I have opportunities to be a “Weekend Warrior.”

     I think being a “Weekend Warrior” is about doing what means something special to you, doing what you’re passionate about, what gives you a sense of accomplishment or fulfillment or fun…or some of each.  For some, it may be going beyond what you’d normally do, pushing yourself to create…whether it’s an experience, a truck or a difference. 

     Are you a “Weekend Warrior”?  What was your last “Weekend Warrior” experience?  What’s your next?

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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