De-stress With Flower Essences

     These shoots have pushed through the softening earth, readying themselves to grow and produce buds…all in good time.

     Flowers flow with nature’s timing and weather, not rushing to grow or produce.  They don’t hurry, worry, doubt or fret.  They just are.  When the time’s right, the buds blossom.

     When the buds blossom, that’s the true essence of the flower, its personality in a way.

     Dr. Edward Bach took the essence of a number of different flowers displaying at their peaks and created Bach Flower Essences.  These liquids can be dropped into water or on your wrist to help relax you, give you confidence, help you sleep, etc., etc.

     We used the remedy called Gentian to help calm my father who suffered from sporadic worry, frustration and tension with his Alzheimer’s Disease.  I’ve used the Rescue Remedy to calm me when I allow stress to overwhelm me.

     What’s really nice about flower essences is that they’re gluten-free, they’re natural and they work!

     Believe it or not, the flower essences I use help me to flow with nature’s time, not rushing or having palpitations.  They take the edge off and I de-stress, so I’m able to function and produce.  Oh, if we could be like the flowers and flow with nature!!

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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