Are you Awakening?

Are You Awakening?

by Kathy Ruff

     As I traveled down Lentz Trail Sunday, I couldn’t help but notice how many buds were popping out of the trees.  Saturday hit close to 80 degrees, pushing the trees to bud and the hyacinths one day closer to opening.

     Nature finally was awakening. 

     I mentioned that to my husband, Tom, as we came back from breakfast.  He said he hadn’t noticed.  So I pointed out the buds on the trees lined up on North Street.  He said, “Now that you mentioned it, I see them.  I guess I wasn’t looking.”
     So many times in my life, I’ve run into that same situation.  I bought a mountain bike and suddenly I see them all around.  I bought a charcoal gray car and now I’m surprised at how many similar-color vehicles are on the road.  Now that it’s in my mind, I can see.  They were probably always there…I just didn’t notice.
     Today I feel like the earth.  It’s the springtime and I’m beginning to awaken from a winter’s sleep.  I’m beginning to see things I hadn’t seen before.  Not because they weren’t there, but I wasn’t open to seeing them.  
     It makes me wonder how much else I miss because I’m not awake or aware.  Could it be something important?  Is it something beautiful?  Now that I realize how much I miss, I feel as if I am awakening to another dimension, like the difference between a black-and-white and a high-definition color TV screen.  Wow!  
      How about you?  Are you awakening?  Tell me more.

About Kathy Ruff

Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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  1. With it's annual cycle, nature can show us how to live in our daily cycle: slow down and rest in the winter (night), awaken and flower in the spring (morning), produce our fruit in the summer (day), and shed the old in the fall to make way for the new.
    I try to be more awake every day, to observe more and renew my mind.

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