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How will you start your day?

by Kathy Ruff The darkness of the night before gives way to the light of a brand new day. Today is the last day of the first half of 2015.  Tomorrow will be the start of the final six months … Continue reading

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What’s the Meaning of Symbols?

by Kathy Ruff This tulip was from my yard in early May. To me, it symbolizes spring since that’s the only time it blooms.  It symbolizes beauty, one of many beautiful gifts around us every day. Today’s headline on the … Continue reading

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Which is Best: Here or There?

by Kathy Ruff Have you ever watched a horse roaming around in an area surrounded by a split-rail fence?  They feed inside but eventually they put their heads through the rails to taste the delicacies on the outside of the … Continue reading

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What new things have you tried?

by Kathy Ruff My peas, carrots, lima beans, peppers and radishes also have pushed through the soil in the past two weeks.   My black beauty zucchini squash loved the recent rains we’ve had.  The blossoms pushed open, creating the … Continue reading

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Are you a neighborly neighbor?

by Kathy Ruff These little critters are regular neighbors at my Weissport property.  They don’t make much noise…just a squawk now and then. They don’t infringe on my privacy but rather simply swim around and, for the most part, keep … Continue reading

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