Do you see the whole picture?

by Kathy Ruff Beyond the Fog
Reflections     Beyond the tree line, light found its way to illuminate past the darkness.

What is that?  Are they flames behind the smoke?  Are there extra-terrestrials hiding out?  A hoard of lightning bugs lit all at the same time?

Without the whole picture (right), your imagination can go wild.  It’s amazing how creative our minds can get, especially when we don’t see the whole picture.

The whole picture here is simply a foggy morning at the lake as the sun rises, reflecting off the water in one area behind the trees.

There’s an old adage that comes to mind:  Don’t believe anything you hear and only half of what you see.  So many of us believe what we believe we see…or create our own stories about what we see and hear.  Yet we rarely have the whole picture.  Our creativity kicks in and, without additional input, our perceptions and conclusions become our realities.

The truth is it is what it is, not what we think it is.  Making judgments doesn’t change truth.

Can you imagine if everyone really saw the whole truth?


About Kathy Ruff

Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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  1. Sharon Kottlowski says:

    Many people get their version of truth from spiritual sources and scriptures. Others seek the truth in reason and logic. Everyone is limited by their own senses and memories. What our eyes and ears perceive is compared to what we have already experienced. We need to continually expand our search for the whole truth.

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