Spending Time with Friends?

Blue Heron and Kayakby Kathy Ruff

Yesterday was a foggy, misty morning in my back yard, but I decided to go for a walk anyway.  I felt compelled to start at Boat Launch A, a calling I’m glad I didn’t ignore.

On my way toward the trail from the parking lot, I said hello to two fishermen unloading their kayaks for their early-morning outing.  I didn’t get far when I saw a not-so little ‘friend’ (I’ll call her Blue) along the shoreline past the boat storage area.

It was still semi-dark, so I wasn’t sure the pictures would take, but the three-plus-foot blue heron gave me plenty of opportunity to snap over 50 shots as she meandered up the shoreline from Boat Launch A to the breast of the dam.  Despite some conversation between the fishermen and my bouncing back and forth between the shoreline and the trail, Blue continued to grab breakfast as she leisurely sauntered to her destination.Blue Heron

Believe it or not, according to the times on my pictures, our walk from the first picture to the flight t
ook 50 minutes!  I think Blue knew I wanted some daylight and closeups, so she obliged.

I thoroughly enjoyed spending that time on this unique friendship, as did Blue, until I pushed a little too close, I guess.  I was less than 10 feet away at the last shot…maybe a little too close for comfort for her.  Or maybe it was just time to finish breakfast after a lengthy photo shoot.

This outing mirrors human friendships.  We spend time with each other and then fly off to our own priorities.  What makes it a rewarding get-together for all is the focus of time on the relationship and the companionship.

How about you?  Do you cherish the time you spend with friends, unimpeded by the demands for the day?
Blue Heron-Flying

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