What I’m Thankful For…

I decided to share a few of the things I’m thankful for as Thanksgiving rolls around again.  What about you?  What are you thankful for?Abby-Looking Outside


I’m thankful for…


H appiness – it makes me smile.  It’s contagious and makes others smile, too.
A ppreciation – for family, love, friends, a job well done, good health and so much more.
P assion – which brings excitement and enthusiasm to my days.
P erspective – to see beyond the obvious no matter what masks people may wear.
Y oung-at-heart people – who teach me not to take myself so seriously.

Take some time to enjoy the gap, the free bits of time between the busyness!


T oilet paper – yes, sometimes we overlook everyday things that help us so much! J
H onesty – even when I may not like what’s being said.
A bby – my kitty who cuddles, talks and acts like a dog.
N ew ideas – they keep my mind active and open up possibilities.
K indness – whether I give it or get it, everyone feels good…isn’t that great?
S elflessness – which reminds me I always have something I can share with others.
G entleness – an attribute that shares compassion and understanding.
I ntegrity – knowing my and others’ intentions come from the heart.
V ery good friends – they understand without being told.
I nteresting conversation – it connects me to others and helps me to learn.
N egative people – they show me how blessed I am to be positive.
G uidance – from the Spirit within that directs me on the path I’m meant to follow.

Happy Thanksgiving!!





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