What shape are you?

Shaped SnowBuried Cars

Blizzard Jonas was here and gone but his presence has definitely been felt.  We got around two feet of snow after a milder-than-normal winter with barely a dusting of snow all season.

Besides the snow, you can see the remnants of what his winds whipped up:  covered cars, one of which looks like a cone head, and a mound of roof snow transformed to look like a miniature ski slope.  Blizzard Cleanup

The invisible wind molded the snow to whatever shape or form it desired.

Like the wind and snow, unseen forces or conditions also shape us:  love and hate, abundance and lack, respect and dishonor, peace and chaos, life and death.  Each makes an impression on us, molding us by their presence in our lives.

Yet our free will allows us to choose what shape we’ll take.  We can be stressed or peaceful, happy or bitter, open or closed.

What shape are you?




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