What are we teaching?

Function of EducationYesterday’s news showed a blurb about a retired state police officer who killed two people while robbing a toll booth near Harrisburg, PA.  A lady interviewed said security should be beefed up.

This morning’s Belgium endures the effects of terrorism at its airport and train station.

Where has society gone wrong?  When did we think it’s okay to treat the symptoms instead of the cause?  Medicine is the same – treat the cough, not the post-nasal drip causing the cough.

It’s time to re-think what we’re teaching — and NOT teaching.  Society has gotten off-kilter and our actions show it. Instead of teaching personal responsibility, we teach blame.  Instead of teaching frugality, we teach waste.  Instead of abundance, we teach lack.  Instead of respect, we teach dominance.  Instead of love, we teach fear.  Instead of forgiveness, we teach intolerance.  Instead of accountability, we teach excuses.

It’s time to challenge ourselves — teachers, doctors, parents, individuals — to redirect society to think about what’s right and what’s not.  Our lives and those of our children and grandchildren depend on it.

Perception leads to thought, thought leads to action.  Change the perception and both thought and action will follow.  What can I do to help change these error in thinking society accepts as normal?  Being a living example comes to mind.  Imagine if we’d all be living examples.  Imagine if a movement could begin like ‘Pay it Forward’ and transform the world.

Okay…I’m done ranting.  But I still wonder — how can I help?

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