You can teach an old dog…or cat…

Abby the TabbyBaby Geese     As I watched two geese swimming down the Canal side by side, I thought how sweet it was they were so close.  Only when I got closer did I realize they had a half dozen little ones between them as they swam.

Mama and Papa were trying to teach their little ones how to get out of the water, not an easy feat for the little ones.  But learn they did.

Learning isn’t limited to the young, either.  Spoiled Little Miss Abby (10 years old) has been driving me nuts in recent months, waking me at 1 or 2 in the morning to tell me she wants to be fed.  When Mother Nature calls and I get up in the middle of the night, she’s right there.  After mistakenly caving in since I was already up, it became a nasty habit.

So last night before I went to bed, I wagged my finger at her before I went to bed (something she understands as me being upset with her).  She actually got off her ‘throne’ between Tom’s legs on the recliner in response, a totally unexpected reaction.  So I picked her up and put her back on her throne, told her I loved her but not to wake me up early.  I gave her a few pets and went off to bed.

Fast forward to 4:15 a.m., my normal waking time.  Unbelievably, Abby listened and had not created her early-morning antics to wake me.  Who says you can’t teach an old dog (or cat!) new tricks?

I wonder what I have yet to learn.

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