What’s your attitude?

“Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”  Charles R. SwindollAttitude Quote

     It’s been raining and cloudy off and on for the better part of this spring season.

I could say how crappy this weather is…I can’t get the grass cut because it’s always wet, can’t shake off the dampness and I bring mud in with my boots and shoots every day.  Where’s the sun???

Or I could say how much warmer it is now that winter’s over, how much longer the daylight hours are, how great it is to hear the birds singing and how gorgeous the brilliant greens, pinks and purples of new life appear on the landscape.

The weather is still what it is – cool, damp and cloudy.  Yet each outlook portrays a different choice of attitude.

I have to admit, I had the first attitude until this past Saturday.  Despite the showers, I bought a $.97 poncho and raked and bagged up 16 55-gallon bags of wet leaves and cut the grass at the Canal Street property…along with a little poison that came out afterwards on my right wrist.  During my labor, I was greeted by three ducks, two male, one female.  One sat on the dirt pile waiting to be moved and one perched on the fence.  The third waddled toward the part of the property where I was raking, warily watching me for a while before he jumped off the mini-embankment and flew down the canal.

Today my attitude has changed.  Even though I’m tending to the poison, I look forward to going outside again, even if it’s raining.

Today I choose a positive attitude…how about you?


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  1. Sharon BrownKottlowski says:

    I’m not sure about Swindoll”s percentages, but life is certainly what you make of it. Your attitude and reactions to what happens to you is important, but your thoughts and actions widen your world.

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