Go ahead…touch my belly…

Go ahead...touch my belly...Little Miss Abby, my inherited tabby, can be so adorable.  She’s the dog I don’t have.

Like a dog, she wants to be petted, wants to play, can sit and tells me what she wants when she wants it.  Yes, it’s a language only pet owners can understand, but it is communication.

For example, when she wants to get brushed, she lays at a certain spot on the floor, meowing at Tom to begin.  When she wants to play, she’ll sit at a certain spot on the floor at a certain time of day, waiting for him to grab his glasses so he can swing them around and she can ‘catch’ the two lights that move on the carpet.

Isn’t it strange how we can understand what our pets are communicating but sometimes cannot understand what our spouse, co-worker or friend is trying to say?  I wonder if it’s because animals keep it simple, ‘I want what I want.’  There are no ulterior motives, no worrying about what others think ( I hope!).

Okay.  Go ahead…touch my belly…I dare you!  🙂

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