Accept the Disappointment…Move On

Tonia & Ruby     I joined with Tonia and Ruby for a gorgeous, relaxing kayak outing 6 a.m. yesterday morning at the Mauch Chunk Lake.  We all love the spiritual, relaxing energy the outing provides.

While I waited for Tonia to come, I took some great pictures of the morning pink and fog at the breast of the dam, as well as the geese and Desha & Bella as they began their morning outing.

This picture, however, was from our Memorial Day outing.

Yesterday as we disembarked from our kayaks, the choppy waters began to tug at my kayak as I had one foot out and one foot in.  I can imagine what I looked like.  I was pretending to do a split atop the water until my body couldn’t move any further.  Splash!!

Yep, in I went, butt first.  Tonia did everything not to laugh and asked me if I was okay.  The only thing that hurt was my pride.  Until I realized the camera in the pocket of my shorts was now lying on the rocks beneath a foot of water!  Bummer.

So I pulled it out, took out the battery and SD card and dried them off as best I could.  I placed them on the seat of my hubbie’s truck I was driving to air out.  Unfortunately, on the trip home, they fell between the seats to the floor below.  I found the battery but not the card.  Bummer.  (Sorry, Desha…if I find the card I’ll send you a copy of the pictures.)  I’ll keep looking but the truck seems to have been like the sock monster that lives in my washer/dryer and eats socks on occasion!

I tried to put the morning’s challenges out of my mind but I’m disappointed at the loss.  Live and learn.  I tried to recapture the serenity of the early-morning outing, but it was a very challenging day to do that.  So today, I have to accept the disappointment and move on.  If I find the card…and if it is not damaged…I’ll share the pictures.  But reality tells me to move on, let it go.  Some days that’s easier than others.

Pictures will be old ones now until I get another camera…it doesn’t work.  It’s in a bag of rice for another day, but I don’t have unrealistic expectations.  Anyone know of a good waterproof camera?


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