Create a Gentle Ripple Effect



My niece, Tonia Middaugh, and I LOVE kayaking on the Mauch Chunk Lake in the early-morning hours.

For me, a newbie, I feel comfortable on a calm, still lake.  My life-long motion sickness adds to that appeal.

Life is naturally calm, but that calm doesn’t always remain.  As we move forward in our day, we make choices in a wide variety of degrees whether to break the calm or not.  Some like Tonia, do it gently, trying to create as few waves as possible while still moving forward.  She breaks the calm but carries as much of it as possible with her along the way.

Others create huge waves and big drama, sometimes intentionally, sometimes not.  Sometimes ignorance creates those waves, sometimes not.  Those waves destroy the calm and the turbulence and drama created move forward as we continue on our daily paths.

When I began to kayak, I made a LOT of waves.  I splashed the paddles — and myself — more than I should have and banged on the sides of the kayak because of my ignorance in not knowing how to do it right.  I’m learning.  Yes, I still do it, but now I’m more aware of what I did wrong and redirect my actions to do it right.

My ripples were big…now they’re smaller.  They’ll never disappear, but I’ll do everything I can to make them smaller.  I’d like to carry the calm forward with me as much as I can with as small a ripple effect as possible.  How about you?



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  1. Tonia says:

    What a great read!!:) thanks for including me in your blogs;)

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