How Do You Find Fulfillment?



Today I’m working on two articles on how to find fulfillment in career and life when you’re the worker and not in charge.

I’d really love to hear answers from all of you, so please feel free to share.

For me, at work I find fulfillment in a lot of things:  a job well done, a productive day, acceptance of a rare comment of gratitude or thanks for doing my job and helping someone in the process.

In my personal life, I also find fulfillment in spending time with friends, family and nature.

Calm at the Lake     This past Saturday, I took a walk and did Qi Gong at my favorite place, the breast of the Mauch Chunk Lake (a/k/a watershed a/k/a dam) at daybreak.  There’s something calming, magical and uplifting about being outdoors when the sun peeks over the mountains and practically the only noise you hear is birds singing or the blurb of a fish grabbing its breakfast off the surface of the water.

These outings refill the energy that has drained from me throughout the stressful work week, like plugging into a charger will revive your phone battery.  I plug into the energies of the earth, air and water and it creates a fire in me that fills my coffers for a new day.

Like a battery, we all need to be recharged regularly by finding something that fulfills us and brings us happiness.  How do you find fulfillment and happiness?



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