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Rebuilding the Web

This picture of a few spider webs shows how beautiful the intricate tapestry of a spider can be. Like life, the beautiful tapestry created can be wiped out in a moment at the whim of nature or humanity.  It doesn’t … Continue reading

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Create a clear vision

Do you have a vision? A year ago, I did.  I had a vision of a new home, one that was functional, easy to keep clean and as maintenance free as possible. A year ago, this is where I was … Continue reading

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Stretching to See

     This lovely creature blessed our early-morning kayak outing on Labor Day, flaunting its bleach-white feathers against the late-summer greens. I followed him down the edge of the lake for a few minutes, trying to get the bird in … Continue reading

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Exceeding Expectations

The weatherman said it would a cloudy the day all day, so I expected not to get any good photos with my new iPhone. Yes, I finally got rid of the flip phone and pay as you go plan and joined the … Continue reading

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