Exceeding Expectations


The weatherman said it would a cloudy the day all day, so I expected not to get any good photos with my new iPhone.

Yes, I finally got rid of the flip phone and pay as you go plan and joined the 21st century.  🙂

But the weatherman was wrong, at least at dawn in Jim Thorpe.  I was able to capture this gorgeous sunrise before the clouds set in. The picture quality and subject both exceeded my expectations.

The phone, however, did not.  It turns out the phone was a dud, zapping my battery juice very much though I barely used it over the first few days since I bought it.

This morning as I downloaded the first phone update, the phone froze and never came back.  I could only see a screen that had an iTunes icon on it..couldn’t turn it off or on.  I called AT&T support and they told me I had to download iTunes on my laptop so I could get the phone out of ‘recovery’ mode.  I didn’t want iTunes and I didn’t want to add another piece of software on my laptop I wasn’t going to use.

Instead, I took the phone to the local AT&T store. Long story short, AT&T gave me another phone, but they said it last backed up on Sept. 2 (the day after I bought it).  Bummer.  I had lost a few nice pictures I had taken.  Déjà vu (go back to my June 28 blog for more details).

Lo and behold, as I began to put my wi-fi and other settings in my new phone, my pictures re-appeared! Isn’t it great when life exceeds our expectations?  Oh, the simple pleasure of life!

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