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Kitchen 9-9-15Do you have a vision?

A year ago, I did.  I had a vision of a new home, one that was functional, easy to keep clean and as maintenance free as possible.

A year ago, this is where I was in the project.  My vision had the window on the left covered over, the doorway moved to the right.  The old door is where the new bathtub would be.  My vision was a kitchen in the corner that was totally open to the other side where the old bathroom, stairwell and bedroom would be a living room.

Kitchen 9-11-16Today, this is what that kitchen vision looks like so far.  A lot of planning, organizing, labor (not mine) and energy went into creating that vision.

As visions go, it changed…a lot.  Reality, the building code and compromise changed my vision. For example, replacing the pipes from the well to the house wasn’t in my budget. While I started out a bit frustrated at the changes, I learned to accept what had to be.

By the time my kitchen was ready to be installed, I thought I was a pro at going with the flow.  But when the end-cap pantry I planned wouldn’t fit because of the switch plates on the wall, I cried.  I was so frustrated with two years of changes, compromises and the entire project.  My sister Patti calmed my frazzled nerves (thank you!) and the compromise of an 18″ pantry transformed in a huge bedroom closet came to be.  My vision has changed…again.

But isn’t that what a vision is all about?  Isn’t it about creating something? If the vision isn’t clear enough, how can it become reality?

Morale of the story:  When you have a vision, make sure it’s crystal clear.  See everything in detail and watch it become reality.

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