Goodbye, 2017!

Another year – 2017 – will hit the history books in hours.  Potential

I asked myself:  What was my biggest eye-opening experience this year, one that made a significant change in my life and/or those of others?

For me, that eye opener was what is now a five-month bout with dizziness, neck and shoulder pain.  They are all much better now but still remain.  But that occurrence helped me to better understand the self-imposed stresses I put on myself.

Like many others who don’t want to be a burden or a ‘negative Nancy’ on others, I backed away from people, places and things to focus on how to deal with those stresses.  Essentially, I became more of a hermit than my normally introverted personality already was.

I now realize my challenges and self-created isolation actually opened my eyes and my heart to what is really important – relationships.  I realize just being able to interact with others — whether with simple chit-chat, to listen, to learn another perspective or to vent, laugh or cry — IS the core and heart of life.  Like a bud that needs water, food and sunshine, I need to do the same with my relationships.  I allowed the negatives in my life to overwhelm me and replace what I know is good, beautiful and loving.

To all my family, friends and acquaintances, I need to say I’m sorry.  Even though others may think apologizing is a sign of weakness, I believe a heart-felt


apology allows one to acknowledge, accept and atone for those errors, errors of judgment, perception, action or inaction.  To me, that’s a sign of strength and growth.  Saying I’m sorry allows me to let the wounds of the pain, hurt, guilt, ambivalence, misunderstandings, misperceptions and seclusion go.

Like lancing a water-filled blister, I’m letting go of all that kept me hurting and allowing the healing to begin.  For me, that healing begins with nurturing the relationships and activities I put on hold for much too long this year.

So, goodbye 2017.

I know rebuilding and nurturing the relationships and activities I’ve neglected will take ongoing effort, focus and commitment, but I’m sure that will allow my sharing with everyone I encounter the blossoms of beauty, love and peace I’ve kept bottled up this year.

Anyone for a girls’ night (or day) out Sat., Jan. 13, 2018 — a walk or ski on the canal behind my house?


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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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  1. Nevin says:

    Great post!! Happy, Healthy New Year to you!!

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