Uplifting Remnants

      A 60-degree day followed by torrential rain as a front dropped the temperature nearly 50 degrees in less than 24 hours left interesting ice sculptures in this year’s January thaw.

During a walk along the D&L Canal a few days later, these ice ‘tree skirts’ remain as remnants of the drastic temperature and weather changes typical in January’s roller-coaster weather in Pennsylvania.

The torrential rains and water created by melting ice on the canal raised water levels about a foot.  The quick return to winter cold created these ‘ice skirts,’ a unique sight I had to share.

A week later the return of a 50-degree day destroyed these remnants, but the memory and pictures remain.

We, too, can create a unique work of art or generous gesture that displays its beauty in the moment or for a short time thereafter.  But like these ice skirts, they may be fleeting or soon forgotten.  Capture the beauty in the moment and savor its uplifting remnants.  The cost is priceless.

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