Dealing With the Crap

Spring Crap     April in Pennsylvania proves to be tumultuous.  Spring’s been here for two weeks but winter holds on tight.

This year (2017-18) winter has provided many opportunities for pictures of gorgeous snow scenes.  But as the calendar moves forward, I feel April showers should be rain, not snow.  This day, there was snow in the morning, rain afterward.

If you’re like me, you’re tired of the winter weather.  So how do we deal with the crappy weather now that spring is here?

Think positively.  Like:

Those who live in the north knows that the white stuff at this time of year doesn’t last long.  When the elusive sun comes out, it warms the earth and the snow melts quickly, watering the earth below to prepare it for new growth.

Have faith ‘This, too, shall pass.’

Remember our enthusiasm over the new growth and warmer weather grows after a long,  hard winter.  This tends to put a little more pep in our step.

Finally, appreciate the slow transition to longer days by using the warmer, dryer days to get outside and vent.  Use the colder, wetter days to clean the grime and clutter that’s collected over the winter months.  Both of these activities promote energy shifts and a change in outlook.

Dealing with the crap life throws at us is much the same.  When we can think positive thoughts instead of focusing on the negative all the time, we can make our moments a little more joyous despite the crap.

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