The Fire Within

Shadow on the CanalToday’s outing on the canal left me wanting more.

Yes, it was windy and 45 degrees but for a January day in Pennsylvania, THAT is great!

Too much work and not enough daylight made me a self-created prisoner in my own home over the past few days.  Today I appreciate the wind because it helped to blow off some of the ‘stink’ of being cooped up indoors for a few days.

One thing fellow Pennsylvanians may appreciate in this photo are the shadows.  Shadows mean the sun is out!  Shadows have been a rarity over the past six to nine months as rain and clouds dotted the landscape.  I wish I could bottle the sunshine and the feeling it generates.

While some may focus on the barren trees and muddy trail in this second picture, I see the bright, puffy clouds back lit with sunlight.  The reflective calm of the canal’s water remains in part of the water  while other parts shimmer as the wind dances across its surface.

We are very fortunate today.  I know in January we could be shoveling from a foot of snow or slipping and sliding on icy sidewalks.

Today I appreciate the elements of earth, water and air. Although not in its traditional form, these other three have truly created a fire within me to remain outdoors.  Although we haven’t had a bad winter so far, I look forward with anticipation to the springlike weather and longer days I know are on their way.

The fire within burns brightly, as does hope for what is already here and is to come.

What fuels your fire?

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