This, too, shall pass.

This morning’s temperature in my back yard is 24…quite balmy compared to the sub-zero temps we’ve had over the past week.  Thursday morning started out at 9 below zero, not including the warnings created by the wind chills estimated at 30 below.

Walking out this morning, the hairs in my nose do not freeze.  The tips of my ears don’t tingle.  I don’t dress like an Eskimo with layers of clothing and headgear.   It’s not quite balmy enough for the flowers I long to see..cabin fever has struck.

Despite the below freezing temperature, 24 degrees feels so much warmer  compared to recent weather.  Yet it’s all relative.  A 33-degree temperature spread is like starting the day at freezing (32 degrees) one day and 65 the next.  It’s the same spread but it’s not hard to tell the difference.

So many things are relative.  We compare what is to what was or visa versa, making judgments based on those comparisons.  Bottom line:  it doesn’t matter what we think about it.  It truly is what it is.  We can’t change the outdoor temperatures any more than we can change so many other things in life.  It’s all relative.  The key is to cope as best you can with the hand you’re given.

I just try to keep in mind:  This, too, shall pass.  Feeling the cold will make the warmth feel so much better!! 🙂






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