Believe in Yourself

The Lemon Squeezer
A few years ago, my nutritionist recommended I drink tepid lemon water every morning as part of transition to a healthier diet.

Enter the lemon squeezer.  (Thank you, Tonia!)

After a few years of using this, last fall my husband told me I was doing it wrong when I was having problems squeezing a less-than-ripe lemon.  He said the cut part of the lemon should be facing the part that squeezes, while I have been putting the cut side down by the straining holes.

Now I’m not the most mechanical person, so I believed Tom and doubted what I had been doing, feeling embarrassed and shamed for being so ignorant.

Later when I was doing my due diligence, I googled how to use a lemon squeezer online and found I HAD been doing it correctly all along.

Why did I believe Tom?  Why did I make myself feel so embarrassed and ignorant by believing what someone else told me was right?  Why did I not trust what I had learned and done successfully for quite a while?  Why did I not believe in myself?

I learned a valuable lesson.  After doing my due diligence, I need to trust myself.  I need to believe in myself.  I need to continue to listen to others but discern for myself.  I need to allow others’ opinions on how to do things or what’s right or wrong to be just that – their opinions.  I need to not believe blindly.

How about you?  Do you follow your own course of discernment?  Do you believe in yourself?

TIP:  If you role a lemon on the counter before you cut it, it squeezes much easier…now I know!

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