Listen to the Messages

I’ve got a strange friend…one who doesn’t speak English yet who eloquently communicates with me in his own way.  Meet Mr. Duck.

Mr. Duck has been hanging around my property for the three years since we’ve moved  here after our three-year remodeling project.

Mr. Duck had a Mrs. Duck, but she got killed by a car last year.  This left Mr. Duck alone. His territorial attitude over Mrs. Duck and ‘his’ property the previous years prevented other ducks from getting close because of his parochialism and nastiness in protecting his domain.

Mr. Duck recognizes my voice and actually comes running from the yard or swims across the canal when I talk with him.  Maybe food is a primary motivator, but it’s nice to be a friend to someone (or something) that’s lonely or in need.

After Mrs. Duck’s loss, he would hang around the house, sitting in the grass for hours.  As an empath, I could feel his deep sadness and loneliness.

Like other relationships, being a friend doesn’t always mean words are necessary.  Actions speak much more loudly than words.  If we’re aware and open, we can ‘hear’ the messages around us, verbal or not. 

Are you aware of or open to the silent communications of those who cross your paths?  If so, do you listen to the message and, if needed, act to help?

Like Mr. Duck, sometimes people cannot express their feelings but silent messages speak volumes if you listen.

Being in tune with and hearing the silent messages can help you be an earthly angel for another.

Why not try listening to the silence?  You may be surprised at what you hear.




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