Your Free Will

I thought I’d post these clematis flowers in honor of a friend’s 98-year-old mother who just passed away.

We probably all wonder about death.  Some worry; some don’t. Some pass in peace; others don’t.

I wonder what part free will plays in laying the body aside so the Spirit can soar.  I recall walking in on my father as I visited him in an Alzheimer’s facility.  With his hands in the air and facing the window, my father prayed to ‘go home.’  He was ready.  Shortly after, he died.

During our lives, God’s gift of free will molds our destiny.  We make choices, or not, that lead us to where we think we want to be, what we think we want to do.    Or we make no choices and follow the fickleness of the wind.

If you think about it, we make choices continuously throughout our day.  We may be unaware yet the reality remains.

One day I used my free will to ride above the glen on the D&L trail and saw this bench.  What a great free-will offering!  It says, ‘Have a rest and talk with someone at the same time.’

As I was writing this, I chose to take a short break despite knowing I need to get rolling to get to work.  I looked out my window and saw Mr. Duck getting into the canal (full belly since I fed him some corn earlier), a bunny rabbit and a deer followed by two geese flying up the canal!  Ten or 15 seconds of beauty, nature and bliss!

How do you use your free will today?

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