Nature’s Power

Don’t  you just love the colors and smells of summer  flowers?

This  rose  bush, bought for $6 at Giant last  year, took hold, survived the winter and expanded to nearly three times its original size.  

PLEASE NOTE:  I’m not a doctor or medical person AT ALL.  Yet over the years I’ve run across many unusual and non-pharmaceutical remedies to help common problems.  I thought I’d share a few with you.  Do your own research and consult your physician before trying anything.

In addition to the beauty of flowers’  vibrant colors, Bach flower essences, homeopathic alternatives created from flowers, can help to balance emotions and  promote emotional well being – naturally.

As a modern society, we’ve barely tapped into the power nature has available to us, though some of our ancestors may have.

Ever heard of earthing?  If not, and you want to tap into the Earth’s little-known power to reduce inflammation and stress (among other things) naturally, take an hour and a quarter and watch “The Earthing Movie.”  (Please research disclaimers if you’re on prescription medications because the body’s need for those pharmaceuticals may change when earthing is used.)

For example, Fels Naptha, a laundry bar of soap to remove stains and oil from clothing, has stopped poison on my body from spreading, I assume by drying the oil.  For someone who catches poison ivy regularly, this has prevented many trips to the doctor’s office.  (Note:  Too much use as a soap on my body created dry skin…I only use for a day or two after exposure.)

Anybody else know of any natural remedies or alternatives to promote well being?  Please share!  🙂

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