Actions Speak Volumes

English is the only language I speak…or so I thought.

I’ve discovered I speak in a different language, one that animals can understand and visa versa.  Language goes way beyond the words.

For example, when Mr. Duck is on the other side of the canal and I talk to him (“Are you hungry?  Come on.”) many times he will come over for a meal of corn and sunflower seeds.  Other times, he’ll see me outside doing Qi Gong and start walking toward me quacking up a storm to say, “I’m hungry.”

The many geese that poop all over my yard know when I yell “Hey” and clap my hands saying “Get going,” to leave the yard.  When riding on the canal, I know when they hiss at me, they don’t want me near their young ones.

I played!Abby tells me when she wants to play, or eat, or get an energy massage.  Like a dog, she’s learned to ‘speak’ by meowing and walking to the food dishes, toys, couch or bed that tells us exactly what she wants and where she wants it.

All of these communications involve being aware of your present moment, ‘listening’ to what’s being said and taking action to let the ‘speaker’ know you understand what they’ve said.

Actions speak volumes higher than words ever will.  They speak in a language beyond what words can convey.  They can communicate hunger, playfulness, joy, sorrow, respect, disrespect, understanding, desire and so much more.

What do  your actions say?


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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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