What’s your best characteristic?

Character  “…moral strength; self-discipline, fortitude, etc…” (Webster’s New World College Dictionary, 5th Edition)

Martin Luther King had it right.  True education goes beyond the books.

Being rational, reasonable and able to think critically and analytically all factor into one’s character.  Are you open and honest?  Are you curious, optimistic, gracious?  Are you loyal, respectful, responsible? Are you fair?  Do you have compassion, integrity, humility and self-control?

These are a small part of what represent a person’s character.

Nobody’s perfect.  Yet trying to incorporate positive characteristics into how you deal with yourself and others remains the foundation for solid, long-lasting and loving relationships.

What’s my best characteristic?  That’s a hard choice to make but truth and optimism rank high on my list.  Being truthful, even though it may be uncomfortable at times, makes you feel optimistic about and peaceful in your daily life.

How about you?  What’s your best characteristic?  How does that make you, and others, feel?

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Kathy Ruff is a seasoned, freelance business and inspirational writer and author of the Sharing Peace on the Path blog.
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